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Gift a Unique Culinary Experience to that Special Someone

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The Asian Table is dedicated to enriching relationships through the art of gift-giving, offering beautifully crafted DIY culinary kits that invite you to discover and share the diverse flavors of Asia. Our mission is to provide engaging and memorable experiences that connect people and cultures, turning every gift into an adventure in cultural exploration and culinary delight.

Our Sushi Making Kits

Sushi Master Set

Schedule a date-night, or be spontaneous but enjoy the universe of possibilities filled with textures, smells, colors, and flavors that sushi can bring. With the included guide, you will see how easy and fun it will be to make the all-time favorite rolls or go rogue, and combine different flavors and create your new ones. Wherever this experience takes you, don't forget that sushi is always better in good company.

Sushi Kitto | sushi making kit | The Asian Table

Step into the world of sushi-making with your budding chef. Sushi-Kitto isn't just another toy or toolset—it's a fun way to spend quality time together, create memories, and get a taste of a different culture. Enjoy putting together simple sushi rolls, fostering a touch of creativity, and introducing a classic culinary skill. Meet "The Pack," a group of six sushi-themed characters that add a playful twist to the experience. With Sushi-Kitto, gift-giving becomes a bit more thoughtful and interactive.

I'm thrilled with The Asian Table's Sushi Making Set. It's an all-in-one package for sushi enthusiasts, offering premium ingredients and high-quality utensils. The result? Restaurant-worthy sushi in the comfort of your own home!

Alexa Young, CA

Join the Community

At The Asian Table, we want to go beyond a product, we want to bring you an experience. 

We are building a community of SUSHI LOVERS who could exchange tips, recipes, and their love for this exotic cuisine.

We would love to hear from you, see you, and read you so we invite you to become part of The Asian Table family. Join our Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest (coming soon) communities.

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